Jan 6, 2010


In this blog I will be documenting new farming trends across the country, beginning with my local area and progressing outward from there. I will also write about my own efforts towards living more sustainably and improving my wee bit of land.

It is my intention to eventually have my own small farm / homestead someday, however, since it's a bit late in the game for me, I realize that might not ever happen, so I'm doing all I can with what I have, while I dream.

I am immensely inspired by what is happening at farms such as Polyface and others. I come to this originally from a roundabout way, having read Wendell Berry's "The Unsettling of America" when I was 17 years old, when it blew my young mind. Since then I have lived and worked on a number of different farms and homesteads, so I will be writing about these experiences as well.

When I can, I will visit farms and homesteads and I will record what I find; places where people are experimenting and discovering new ways of doing things; applying old and new methods; living in close harmony with nature; restoring and healing the environment; sequestering carbon; raising plants and animals in healthy and respectful ways; orchestrating and mimicking the cycles of nature; reducing waste; and more.

I will write, photograph, and record these stories to share. And I hope to have the privilege of living my dream eventually, to find my own scratch of earth and create my own small paradise upon it.

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