Welcome to the Farmscape blog.

This blog is written by Catherine George, and artist and aspiring lunatic farmer, who lives in Napa, California.

She has a small bungalow on a large lot which she has been improving for some years now. The lot began with lots of concrete, weeds, and rotting fences. Now, it has new fencing, many fruit trees, raised beds, arbors, winding paths, old world roses, drought tolerant and California native perennials, a fire pit, a spiral veggie garden, a micro vineyard, a resurrected well, and more to come.

Future projects will include a dry creek which will run in the winter rainy season, more fruit trees, more herbs, a gray water system, solar electric, and perhaps a pond. Another project will be converting/expanding the garden shed into a multi-purpose guest house / studio / greenhouse / garden shed combo.

Catherine is doing with what she has now, while dreaming of her dreamy homestead in her head.

A lunatic's work is never done.